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Nexus Heritage is delighted to announce that from the first of February 2014 we will welcome Dr Keith Ray as a Director. Keith is leaving Herefordshire Council where he has been County Archaeologist for 15 years.

Who are we?

Passion and expertise: We are a dynamic and energetic team of heritage professionals with a wide range of expertise and experience. We believe that we can build a better future by inspiring people around the world to value the past. We are founded on a belief in working collaboratively with our clients and other stakeholders. We build partnerships around the world, who share our passion for making the past relevant to the present and a benefit to the future.

What we do

Dynamic ethical programmes: The essence of a successful future is in identifying what is important about the past – and why – and making a role for that past so that people have a sense of where they have come from and where they are going. The past should not be swept aside, but neither should it prevent change. We develop dynamic ethical heritage programmes which strive to balance past, present and future. This is achieved through strong understanding of what you wish to achieve and a commitment to honesty and transparency in dealing with the other parties engaged in managing cultural change.

How we can help

Collaboration, beyond compliance: We specialise in bespoke responses based upon collaborative working that go beyond compliance to help you achieve your goals and build a better future. Every person and everyplace has a past and no two ‘pasts’ are alike, and not all parts of the past are equally important. Our role is to work with you in understanding those pasts and their importance, and using them to create a better future.

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